Your Logins, Centrally Secured.

Welcome to WHMControl - home of the premier server login security system. Using WHMControl, you can store all of your server login information and notes in a central & secure location. You and your staff members can then access the server information. As an added bonus for cPanel servers, you will enjoy secure one-click cPanel & WHM access and automated password changes. You will save time, increase efficiency, and maximize security with WHMControl! Make your life easier - signup today!

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Features & Specs

Keep yourself organized Stay organized by keeping all your server logins and notes centrally located within one control panel. No more fishing around to find your logins, storing them in a spreadsheet, or trying to memorize them all.

Super Strength Security Your server passwords will be stored in the database using an advanced multi-layer encryption process to ensure maximum security. Our encryption method is the same strength used by financial institutions.

Automated Password Changes Updating passwords across your entire server fleet can often be a very daunting task. Not anymore! WHMControl can update any root password on your WHM servers with just the click of a button or automatically with a cron!

One-Click cPanel / WHM Logins Save time entering login information! WHMControl features a one-click access to every server WHM within the program. All you have to do is find your server and click the button - and you're logged right in to WHM!

Manage Staff Access Effectively With WHMControl, you can give each member of your staff a separate login - and control what parts of the program they can access. If someone leaves your company, simply remove their login to remove their access!

Advanced Logging WHMControl keeps a log of every activity that is done within the program, documenting the staff member's name, IP address, action taken, and time of action. You can then review or export these logs later.